Our main business is trading of bioenergy feedstock, e.g. used cooking oil.

We regularly supply Used Cooking Oil (UCO) from mainland China to leading biodiesel producers in Europe. Our current supply volume is 2000MT per month. We can offer UCO in heated flexibags or in Isotanks. We offer UCO CIF European ports or FOB Chinese ports. Our UCO is ISCC certified and payment condition is 80% of the amount on submission of the copy of documents and the rest 20% upon arrival and quality verification at the destination.

Critical parameter ranges of our UCO are shown below.

– FFA < 3-8% FFA

– MUI < 1-2% MUI

– Iodine value > 80-85

– Sulphur < 50-80 ppm Max

The specification of each delivery will be according to the requirement of the customer.

We countercheck the quality parameters and volume through a neutral international certifying agency during the filling of the containers at the Chinese site. Our prices are competitive and based on the prevailing UCO market prices.

Here are some pictures of the seal on containers after filling and composite samples taken by the neutral agency for quality analysis in recent shipments.